Plaster Cloth Wrap Roll for Sculpture 4 inch x 15 feet



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Plaster Cloth 4 inch x 5 yards (15 feet). Covers 5 surface square feet. This Plaster Cloth Roll is a versatile, high-quality plaster gauze product made to the specifications of artists and craftspeople.This plaster cloth for sculpture is bright white & extra creamy; Even Plaster Distribution. Easily cut with scissors to get desired size; Simply wet with water and apply. 100% fine knit cotton gauze embedded with plaster of paris. It is for use in sculpture, mask making, jewelry, craft projects, and more. Its even texture allows for fine detail and smooth work. This product is very similar to plaster rigid wrap cloth. Just wet it, shape it, and dry it. It may be microwaved, oven, or air dried. 5-8 minutes. Plaster cloth wrap for crafts, scenery, belly casting, or for use in conjunction with alginate to provide a support shell for surface casting (face, outer leg/arms, etc).