About Us

 Art Cove ™ is an online arts and crafts supplies store which started in 1970 as a small mom & pops store located in Queens NYC. This business has been family owned and operated for three generations. My father started this business with grandmother who was the heart and soul of the business. She worked till 90 years old and claimed she never took a day off. She was a short five-foot Italian woman who had personal relationships with everyone who walked in the door! She was enormously talented with crafts and even wrote her own books on crafting. Her crafts were so popular with the community that my father at one point needed over 10 employees to run this small shop. Our little craft store had things from the floor to the ceiling and was a one of a kind “old school” craft shop which had so much character. In a strange turn of events one of the business managers was hospitalized in 1998. And while in the hospital he ended up in a room with a website developer. We often hear the words “everything happens for a reason”, well this was one of those moments. ArtCove.com was born in the hospital room and was launched in 1999. Within a short time our products were going all over the world. We shipped orders to Buckingham Palace in the UK, the Howard Stern Show, The LA Lakers, Sea World, Sesame Place, and many more companies. In 2015 we closed our retail stores to focus on our online craft store. We opened up a new website Atcovecrafts.com to expand to google shopping, facebook and Pinerest. We also increased our social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and most recently added a New Youtube channel. As a family owned and operate business, we try to stay true to our humble beginning by sticking to the things that made us successful: a great selection of products, low prices, fast shipping and the best customer service you will experience anyplace. You can find our products on Amazon, eBay, Etsy and Walmart as well. Art Cove sells over 4,000 items and we are adding new items daily. Your trusted name in craft supplies for 50 years!


Check Out Our Story on Youtube: https://youtu.be/uzCNttvFbZA