80mm 3.15 inch Giant Large Rustic Rusty Jingle Bell 1 Piece

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3.15 Inch 80 mm Giant Jumbo Rusty Jingle Bell 1 Piece. Jingle bell with star cutouts measuring 3.15 inches or 80mm. Giant Rusty Bell Bell Loop on top for Hanging. Ball inside to make jingle noise. A perfect Christmas Jingle Bell! Give your decorations some old world charm with these rustic jingle bells! Add the joyful sounds of the season to your holiday with these craft jingle bells. These jumbo craft jingle bells are perfect for apparel and home decoration, including jewelry, mittens, scarves, napkin rings, wreaths, and more. These bells are great when they are used to adorn things that move--like door decorations and dog collars--so you can hear their chimes! Make a great addition to gift wrapping, too. Warning: Product contains rust - Keep out of reach of children!