G-S Hypo Cement 0.33 ounce


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Beadlon G-S Hypo Cement 0.33 ounce. This high-powered adhesive is designed for fine detail work including hobbies, crafts, model-building, ceramic and plastic repair, fly-fishing lures, watch crystals, jewelry- making, bead crafts and more! The ultra-fine precision applicator allows you to apply cement exactly where you need it but will not bond fingers! This package contains 1/3 fl oz /9mL of adhesive. Neatly attach beads and pearls to wires and cords with this easy-to-handle cement choice. The precision applicator allows you to place small quantities of glue inside beads without creating a mess. Great for assembling illusion designs with plastic, glass, metal and ceramic beads. Dries clear, will not bond fingers and will not damage the surface to which it is applied. CAUTION: Highly Flammable. Skin irritant. Made in USA.