7 Mesh Count Clear Plastic Canvas Large Artist Sheet 13-5/8 x 22-5/8 1 Sheet

Art Cove


Large Artist Plastic Canvas 7 Mesh - Count Clear 13.63'' x 22.63'' - 1 sheet. Plastic canvas is known for its excellent quality and durability and it is popular with needlecraft artists. Stitch patterns or decorate the mesh canvas with lace, beads, ribbons or yarns. You can use this sheet to make a single accent piece or cut it into several shapes for added variety. This package includes one clear sheet of 7-count Mesh large canvas. The artist sheet is flexible like the smaller canvas sheets. Easy to cut and stitch! Includes one #7 mesh canvas artist sheet- So you do not get 7 sheets as many people believe.  Dimensions: 13.63 x 22.63 inches Content: Plastic Made in the USA Use size 16 Needle.