3/8 inch Red Green Picot Edge Satin Ribbon 50 Yard Roll

Lucky Star

SKU: PSD-0308-RD

3/8 inch wide Red Picot Edge Satin Ribbon Doubled Faced Bulk Wholesale 50 Yard. Picot Edge Ribbon is made of 100% Polyester. This picot ribbon has delicate ornamental loops accent the edges of these satin ribbons. The edges of the ribbon are accented with small decorative loops that run along the entire length of the ribbon.This dainty and feminine ribbons are the ideal complement to small gifts or wedding invitations. Picot edged ribbon works really well wrapped around the tiers of a Wedding or Celebration Cake and is also wonderful for Wedding Favors as well as on Invitations and gifts. Disclaimer: Ribbons can differ in dye lot from batch to batch. We have 29 colors available.