2 inch Mini Grapevine Wreaths Bulk 24 Pieces


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2 inch Natural Mini Grapevine Wreaths Bulk Wholesale 24 Pieces are perfect for your home decorations. grapevine wreaths for crafts are rustic enough to display as-is, but simple enough to personalize yourself, these grapevine wreaths are extremely versatile! Grapevine wreath comes ready to hang on doors, mantels, walls or banisters. The wreaths are a brown color which varries because this is a natural product. 2 grapevine wreath You can decorate this wreath with leaves, flowers, berries, pinecones and lots more. They also provide a perfect base for dried and artificial flowers, seasonal greenery, lights, ornaments and much more. Add unique touch by intertwining tiny light bulbs around the wreath for illuminating effect. Enrich planters and fabricate wreaths. Adorn patio decorations, bird baths, and your other gorgeous garden stone statues. Beautify outdoor table settings. Improve the landscapes of your terrariums, fairy gardens, train sets, and other small-scale woodland-inspired scenes and displays. Attach silk flowers for additional dimension and change of personality; sunflowers for the summer, daisies for the spring, and mums for the fall season. Combine it with conifers, holly, bright spherical ornaments, and faux snow for Christmastime. grapevine wreath 2 create beautiful rustic centerpieces! Dust with glitter, or splotch on some white paint frostings for a darling Christmas or wintry accent. Great for indoor and outdoor use, this attractive accent piece will complement your home decor beautifully. Completely natural grapevine with no lacquer. Please note that these items are all natural, so actual dimensions may slightly vary. We sell grapevine wreath bulk for larger orders. The most popular size is the grapevine wreath 3 inch.