12 Inch Gold Metal Rings Hoops for Crafts Bulk Wholesale 5 Pieces

Art Cove

SKU: AC87874

These 12 inch Metal Craft Rings Bulk Wholesale 5 Pieces or 12 inch Macramé Rings are a great, metal accessory that can be used in many craft projects. This 12 inch metal hoop is solid, closed, gold colored made of brass plated nickel. Approximately 1/4 inch thick. The sizes are measured by outside diameter. Use these 12 inch craft rings for your home decor and craft projects. Wrap around some colorful wires to change the exterior color or glue fabric, cotton string, lace, ribbon or flowers around the ring. These metal rings for crafts can make centerpieces by wrapping or gluing silk flowers or fabric & ribbons around ring. Frame your handwork projects and display as art. Great to use as with leather and bead projects. Something they are called metal o-rings or dream catcher rings. These metal hoops are great for: dream catchers, sun catchers, mandalas, plant hangers, centerpieces, wreaths and other many other craft projects. Please be advised that these hoops can be different shades of gold at from batch to batch or size to size.