31.25 Inch Large Straw Craft Wedding Jump Broom 1 Piece

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31.25 Inch Large Straw Craft Wedding Jump Broom. 1 piece per package. Craft Broom handle is 19 inches. Many people with decorate the broom with wrapping the handle with satin ribbons, adding flowers, bows and tulle. The brooms are made from tiger grass. They are used for weddings, favors, or decoration. Some use them as jump brooms at weddings, witches brooms, scare crow brooms, craft brooms, mini craft brooms, small craft brooms, natural straw brooms, straw brooms, and straw brooms for wedding. We carry craft brooms in: 6, 12.5, 21.75 inch craft brooms. ATTENTION: consult a ruler to see if this size will meet your the need for your project!