6mm Multi-Colored Pipe Cleaners Bulk 12 Inches 100 Pieces


SKU: AC90171

Multi-Colored Pipe Cleaners Bulk Pack 100 Pieces per package. They are 6mm thick and 12 Inches long. You can also call them chenille stems or chenille sticks. We carry pipe cleaners in white, black, brown, green, red, yellow, orange, pink, royal blue, beige, moss green, and Kelly green. We sell pipe cleaners bulk or in consumer packs for small projects. These multi color pipe cleaners have wire core centers and can be twisted to make all sorts of creations. Make decorations, hair accessories, flowers, and all kinds of critters! Make hundreds of bendable creations with these vibrant, fuzzy pipe cleaners! Large sized packs are great resources for a multitude of class art projects and are easy to use. Perfect for scout projects, school projects, Vacation Bible Schools and Summer Camp arts and crafts. Or just keep some handy for those rainy days when the kids are bored! Also you can make decorations, hair accessories, flowers, and all kinds of creations!