Darice Large Solid Oak Bead Loom 1100-97



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NEW Darice Large Oak Bead Loom with Legs, 15-Inch by 14-Inch by 3-1/2-Inch Ever look at those lovely, highly detailed beaded bracelets or belts and wish you had one? Or could make one? Well, it's just not that hard to do-with our bead weaving loom. Our beautiful, solid oak wood loom has a warm, dark finish and understated metal hardware. The darice Bead Loom is 15-inch by 14-inch, so it doesn't take up much space-leave it out on a table in your home and it won't look junky or out of place. Simply pick a pattern that you would like to create, follow the instructions on how to set up and thread the loom, and start your project. The loom has two adjustable legs in back so you can place your project at a nice angle. Thread and beads are not included but are readily available at most craft stores. Although it works with any seed or e beads, we recomend-millimeterend toho or delica beads because of their consistent size and shape. Create unique jewelry and gifts for friends and family, right in your own home, with this ancient art of bead weaving. Features a deluxe wood framed for creating beaded jewelry and other woven bead projects. Compact size lets you use it almost anywhere. A great gift for a creative crafter or a great way for a crafter to make gifts.Solid oak construction with a deep, warm finish. Included are Step-by-step instruction booklet included in english and french.