4 inch Round Wooden Embroidery Hoops Bulk Wholesale 72 Pieces

Art Cove

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4 inch wooden embroidery hoop. 4 inches diameter 3/8 inches Wide. Made by Darice. 4 inch wood embroidery hoop 72 piece per package. Embroidery hoops 4 inches are perfect for hand embroidery projects, quilting, sewing, cross stitching. Many people also use these small embroidery hoops for frames. They make sure your fabric is tightly secured before you start your embroidery or cross stitch. Inexpensive, lightweight and durable. Each hoop has metal “L" brackets with a brass screw for tightening. Sanded smooth finish makes each hoop a joy to handle! Great for cross-stitch, hand embroidery, (ribbon, crewel, candle wicking) and much more!