0.5 inch Ivory Mini Satin Ribbon Roses 144 Pieces

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These 1/2 inch Ivory Mini Satin Ribbon Roses Bulk Wholesale come with 144 flowers per package which is 12 bundles of 12 flowers tied in 1 bunch. Use these small ribbon roses in a cluster or cut the tie and pull apart to use just one rose. 20 Colors available. These head of these mini ribbon roses are 1/2 inch diameter or around the size of a dime. These ribbon roses are made entirely of Polyester Fabric with a 3 inch wire stem. The wire allows you to bend the flowers to make them the shape that you like. These flowers can sometimes use a little hand adjusting to make them look great. Use these for Ribbon Roses for wedding favor decorations, party, decorate a wreath, hair bows, diy projects or add a special touch to your favorite craft projects.